Textile Exchange provides the knowledge and tools this industry needs
to make significant improvements in three core areas:
Fiber and Materials, Integrity and Standards, and Supply Chain.

Fiber and


Textile Exchange is an industry leader in environmentally and socially preferred fibers and materials. The industry relies on TE’s expertise when making informed decisions about which fibers and materials to use and in communicating a product’s sustainability attributes to consumers.

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Integrity and Standards

Standards are one of the most powerful tools in the industry. They can guide companies toward the best possible way of doing business, helping ensure that they are using sustainable and ethical means to produce a product. This includes recognizing and encouraging best practices in farming, animal welfare, ecosystem impact and product processing.

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Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Textile Exchange can help your company make your supply chain more transparent so you’re able to find the most sustainable and ethical means to produce a product. As brands begin to align environmentally and socially preferred materials and processes, their entire sustainability strategy is strengthened.

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2016 Textile Sustainability Conference

Join us October 3-6, 2016, for our global annual Textile Sustainability Conference in Hamburg, Germany - a place where industry experts from around the world gather to share progress, knowledge and best practices. This year’s event will focus on how the industry will accelerate the growth of Preferred Fiber and Materials. Featuring progressive sessions, led by the world’s foremost thought leaders. At the same time there will be hands-on learning and networking opportunities. TE Conference attendees will leave inspired, equipped and with a network of connections to produce positive impacts.

Join the World Wide Partnership

A membership with Textile Exchange will help you navigate the complicated maze of the sustainable textile industry. We are a global nonprofit organization that focuses on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry and maximizing its positive effects. We partner with organizations of all types and sizes who want to advance their sustainability efforts. Since 2002 we have helped to establish best practices and fair business models for the entire supply chain, from the farm to retail.

When you become a Textile Exchange member, you’ll have access to industry experts, networking opportunities, one-on-one consulting, content standards, and the most comprehensive industry reports and tools. Our goal is to help you succeed.