2011 Organic Cotton Farm and Fiber Report: Executive Summary

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Executive Summary: The 2011 Farm & Fiber Report covers the significant decline in organic cotton fiber production, the reasons behind it, and the need for industry action. For the first time, we’ve also covered other sustainable cotton initiatives including Better Cotton Initiative (BCI, Fairtrade, Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), and customized cleaner cotton programs with notes from ICAC and Cotton Inc.). The full report is 131 pages and provides in depth case studies and with the Executive Summary coming in at 27 pages. Organic cotton production declined 35 percent from 241,697 metric tonnes (mt) in 2010/11 to 151,079 mt this year. It covers 218,966 farmers growing on 324,577 hectares.
Depending on existing fiber inventory levels, this decline may well impact brands and retailers looking to expand their organic cotton programs. Production is also predicted to decline an additional 5 percent in 2011/12.
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