Hung`s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (HFI)

In 2003, Sam Hung took his more than 20 years of experience in the Taiwan textile industry and founded a new company, HFI. Ten years later, as the managing director of HFI, Sam is more committed than ever to ensure that HFI is a company capable of partnering with our clients to provide the highest quality, highest performance fabrics available in the marketplace. At HFI we don’t just provide textiles, we provide textile solutions.

HFI’s Textile Solutions
HFI uses in-house research and development and integrates the latest technologies to satisfy the high demands of our global partners. We supply a wide range of Outdoor Fabrics, specializing in Technical, Functional, Sustainable, and Sportswear Textiles including:
* Sustainable Textiles: including our new three times eco-friendly “3X Green” collection, as well as Recycled polyester-wovens / knits; Recyclable PET membrane;
PFOA/PFOS Free Chemicals; Solution Dyed; Starch based textiles.
* Outerwear: 2, 2.5, 3.0 Layer Breathable Coating and Lamination.
* Softshell: Windproof Lamination, Bonded
* Downproof Textiles: by construction
* Mid layer: fleece, bonded textiles
* Technical knits: next to skin performance textiles

Resources, Integrity and Honesty
With the benefit of full support from family-owned mills, as well as sourcing from the most talented suppliers, HFI has the resources to provide the best textile solutions possible for our partners. We also fully believe in the importance of open and honest business practices, and require our employees and suppliers to be clear, open, and honest in all communications. At HFI we know our success is ultimately based upon the achievement of our clients, and our team works efficiently and honestly with each partner to achieve that success.

Eco-Friendly Solutions
Concern for the environment has always been a guiding principle for HFI. Realizing we have only "One World" and that global climate change is one of the most challenging issues of the day; HFI attained Bluesign® certification in 2008. HFI continually strives to provide the most eco-friendly textiles possible, using the most advanced environmental solutions in the marketplace. We work to make sure that our partners end up with great garments that perform in the most extreme environments, while still preserving the environments they are made to be worn in. To this end, we are proud to offer our greenest textile yet: 3X Green, a perfect eco-friendly high performance solution.

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