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Pratibha is one of the world's largest full vertically integrated supplier of all types of knitted textile products including organics and recycled. Every step from fiber cultivation to knitted apparel production, is part of Pratibha and the Vasudha organic cotton farming project. Our commitment to creating strong relationships across the value chain has brought together 28,000 farmers, 7,000 employees and renowned global apparel brands from over 20 countries.With a vision to significantly expand sustainable textiles product portfoilo , Pratibha invested more than 90 million USD over the last two years in streamlining processes & practices throughout the value chain. In decade to come Pratibha is well aligned to intercept the shifting landscape of sustainability with a unique focus on product innovation , resource optimization & customer orientation .

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YARN RANGE :consists of cotton, Organic cotton, Fair Trade cotton, recycled cotton, viscose, modal, Tencel, polyester, recycled polyester, and blends.YARN SPINNING CAPABILITES :comprises of single and double yarns,compact, Eli Twist, and melange yarns suitable for various applications; knitting, soft knitting, Flat knitting, bottom weights, denim, towel, and activewear. Ring spun yarn :Ne 10s to Ne 40s ,Open end yarn :Ne 6s to Ne 20sFABRICS RANGE :Performance fabrics, Recycled cotton fabrics , Stretch Fabrics, Basic fabrics , Blended fabrics .DYEING: with all substrates; cotton, synthetic blends; poly cotton blends, poly viscose, basic cellulose and all regenerated fibres.GARMENTS RANGE: consists of : innerwear , active wear ,casual/streetwear & high fashion .
Oeko Tex 100
SA 8000,OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001
OE 100
Placing sustainability as the cornerstone of Pratibha`s corporate philosophy , a number of initiatives have been launched at farms , factory & beyond imbibing the spirit in its purest form .SEED INITIATIVE - founded in 1999 , covering around 28000 farmers across 125000 acres of farmland in 3 states of India , the seed initiative at Vasudha aims to infuse environmental ethics , socio cultural stability & economic prosperity through reintroduction to sustainable organic agriculture .Project LOOP- a 360 degree sustainable design project loop is aimed at not only reducing the impact of energy, water, chemical, and sourcing consumption, but it also sets out to achieve zero waste manufacturing abilities by utilizing all forms of postproduction waste . Besides Pratibha has come up with a number of eco focused initiatives that include :waste water recycling, rainwater harvesting ,low liquor salt free dyeing technology ,natural gas powered energy unit & a comprehensive & proactive compliance system making us one of the most environmentally advanced textiles unit in the world.WOMEN EMPOWERED -founded in 2005 ,the WE project aims to positively affect lives of several thousand underprivileged women through better job opportunities, access to free medical facilities, skills training, and health care programs. In recognition of roles & responsibility to the outside community ,Pratibha continues to invest in education , healthcare ,development services & empowerment initiatives .
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