Outdoor Retailer - 2012 Summer Market

Textile Exchange Presenting
August 2-5, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
TE Show Contact: Daren Abney
Show Website: www.outdoorretailer.com

As part of our ongoing outreach and collaboration with the industry, Textile Exchange will attend and present at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City this coming summer.

Click here to see a list of TE members attending OR.

Outdoor University @ Outdoor Retailer
Friday, August 3 – 2:00 – 3:15 pm
Industry Integrity and the Certification Process
Join Textile Exchange for a panel discussion to learn more about the importance of the certification process and the options available to you.  Is certification an unnecessary expense, or is it a key factory in your company's sustainability program?  Is there a wild proliferation of standards, or is there actually a logical set of clear options?  How can your company, and our industry, be efficient and effective in ensuring the integrity of all our efforts to have a better impact on the world?  

Learn about the efforts of Textile Exchange and the OIA through the Materials Traceability Working Group to develop clear solutions for product integrity, understand how certification works and your role in it, and get the information you need to create a strong strategy for your business.

A review of our attendance at Outdoor Retailer - Winter Market in January 2012 is online here.


We invite you to consider supporting Textile Exchange’s attendance to Outdoor Retailer (OR) in Salt Lake City August 2012. OR is an ideal venue to expose Textile Exchange to a broad range of companies interested in sustainable textiles and prospect new members.

By supporting Textile Exchange to attend OR this summer, your company is highlighting your commitment to the growth of the sustainable textiles market. Your support will assist with travel for 2 Textile Exchange staff to exhibit and present at the show.

Contact Daren Abney with any questions.