What happens in Tiers 1-3 in the supply chain with the unified standard system? 

“Chain of Custody” criteria will continue to cover core requirements for material handling, volume reconciliation, selling certified materials, and logo use and claims through the Content Claim Standard (CCS). The CCS will be mandatory for processing facilities that are part of the unified standard scope, with the exemptions listed under criterion 6.1.4 of the unified standard second draft. Remaining supply chain sites including brokers, distributors, tiers 1-3 manufacturers will continue to be part of the CCS scope.

We will explore partnerships with verification systems to offer voluntary supply chain modules that capture areas beyond chain of custody and traceability requirements, such as social criteria that are evaluated through these other systems at CCS-certified sites. These modules will connect with the CCS, allowing our shared measurement system (SMS) to ingest verification data related to certified materials, creating a single source for certification data.