Will there be a scope to specific fabrics? 

During the development process, we will be moving from eight fiber & material specific standards

to a more harmonized standard system, which will have criteria applicable to different

materials/feedstocks as well as supply chain tiers. The main impact areas of the unified standard

system focus on Tier 4 raw material management (e.g., cultivation and extraction of raw materials

from the earth, plants, or animals), and tier “3.5” first processing (e.g., ginning, retting,

degumming, cottonizing, wool scouring, dissolving pulp, chemical/mechanical recycling). The

materials proposed for the scope of the unified standard include:

• Animal-derived: wool, mohair, alpaca, yak, cashmere, down

• Recycled: synthetic and natural materials

• Fiber Crops: cotton

Summary papers are included for the above material categories but are not planned for the


• Forest-derived: MMCF, latex

• Biomaterials: biosynthetics