New! Bio Synthetics Report - Phase 1

Bio-synthetics are currently causing quite a buzz today in politics, media and industry. Derived from renewable resources they alleviate current pressures on fossil fuel supplies and sequester CO2, but there are many questions still to be asked and procedures to be formulated. The future is bright for textile innovation as we collaborate across previous boundaries to stretch the minds of what is possible and where we see the future of textiles. Bio-synthetics are no longer a like for like solution to oil based polymers, but an opportunity to stretch R&D agendas to provide performance advancements.

This 54-page report, available free of charge to TE Members at the $5,000 level and above, outlines the foundations of Bio-synthetics, key facts and figures, important questions about GMOs, integrity, and land use, and future scenarios. If you're interested in joining the Bio-synthetics Working Group, please contact


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