The 5th P: Sustainable Innovation and the Millennial Consumer webinar

USD $50.00

Date: February 27th and 28th

A presentation from Sandra C. Fowler
Managing Partner, Consumer Insights, Source Network and Textile Exchange
There is an emerging consumer group making their spending decisions with increasingly unique values. Millennials are looking for authenticity and transparency in the products they spend money on; these values are even considered above the purchase price. Certification to recognized standards can be a powerful tool in communicating to the purpose driven consumer. Sandra Fowler will introduce us to the millennial consumer and highlight how their values and behaviors shape effective product development and marketing. We will look at the importance of verification, and review some available tools and resources.
About Source Network:
Based in Greenville, South Carolina Source Network is a strategic think tank consultancy working together to bring global, sustainable innovation with the most compelling consumer benefits to brands and retailers....Driven by Innovation-guided by Purpose-Source Network only works with partners willing to adhere to transparency of process and authenticity of consumer messaging.
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