2020 Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark Survey Now Live for Brands and Retailers

2020 Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark Survey Now Live for Brands and Retailers 1

Register Now! We welcome all participants to get started now by logging into the CFMB portal.

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Returnees: Companies that have previously benchmarked with us, please simply log in with your existing credentials. We welcome you back for this year’s leg of the journey towards creating material change. New Participants: Companies that will be participating in the benchmark program for the first time this year, please register as a “new participant” in the CFMB portal here. Follow the simple steps of registration and we welcome you to the 2020 benchmark survey. Video: How to Register and Access the CFMB Portalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyGLhIZauHo&feature=youtu.be

Circularity Update

The Circularity Benchmark and Companion Guide have been updated with input from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (Make Fashion Circular), the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap UK), and the consulting company Corporate Citizenship. Download the Guide here.

Piloting This Year!

  • Suppliers Benchmark: For the first time we are opening the survey to suppliers and manufacturers. The survey for suppliers will go live within the next few weeks. We will get back with more information on registration for suppliers and manufacturers soon.
  • Biodiversity Index: The benchmark survey will incorporate a new Biodiversity Index, which is currently under development with an expert advisory group including Conservation International, The Biodiversity Consultancy, the Science Based Targets Network, and Textile Exchange member companies.

Progress your Journey to more Sustainable Materials Sourcing

Once registered, Textile Exchange will accompany you along this journey so that you can get the most out of the benchmark. This year we are offering more support options for you:

  • Drop into our live online benchmarking “clinics” – to be held weekly via zoom. Come along with your questions, concerns, or just to hear from others.
  • Find out more about our consulting and support services tailored to your needs.
  • For companies benchmarking with us, we have a new online home at the Textile Exchange Hub. Please follow the link here and make sure you join the Companies Creating Material Change hub community, which you will find under “My Communities.

The CFMB Hub is your new go-to place for receiving frequent updates, participating in discussion posts, creating community dialogues, and for exploring the library which holds CFMB webinar recordings, related reports, guides, and much more.

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