I’m sure you will by now have heard about the release of TE’s new series of Material Snapshots, (if not, where have you been?!). The series was produced in 2015 with financial support from VF Corporation and in collaboration with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC.

The new snapshots offer a deep dive into the life cycle issues of 28 fibers and materials, ranging from Sorona to Spandex and BCI cotton to Polyurethane Foam (click here for the full list). Each snapshot combines available LCA data and information with detailed literature reviews to provide reliable and comprehensive, yet succinct, analyses.

The snapshots are designed for technical users such as materials, sourcing, and sustainability professionals. They compliment the existing set of 33 Material Summaries released by TE in 2014 (previously also referred to as “Material Snapshots”), which provide a more summary view of a fiber or material. The two sets of resources are designed to be used alongside each other within an organization to help build its preferred fiber and material (PFM) strategy by enabling informed, intelligent fiber and material choices.

The first phase of developing a successful PFM strategy is about aligning business strategy with sustainability goals, and exploring your business’ own fiber and material profile, footprint and options. The Material Snapshots (and Summaries) are great tools for achieving this, since they offer reliable and concise information on the key life cycle issues and sustainability attributes of some of the most popular fibers materials used in the industry (in most cases for both “conventional” and “preferred” options).

TE members can access the Material Snapshots and Summaries by contacting They are also available to non-members at a cost of $250 per Material Snapshot or $50 per Material Summary.

Last but by no means least, if you missed the recent Webinar hosted by TE’s Jeff Wilson and BWE’s Mike Brown introducing the Material Snapshots, you can access the recording here.