CFMB Program Update: March

CFMB Program Update: March 1

March 2, 2021 | By Jessica Garcia Lama, Benchmark Manager

Hello there and welcome back to our new monthly CFMB Program update!

Last month we encouraged you to join the Hub Community of Companies Creating Material Change. We’ve had a fabulous response to our invitation and now have over 100 people in the online community. As promised, we have set the Hub up into three key threads and will post our monthly blog updates under these same banners.

So, with no further ado here’s what happened in February…

Brands and Retailers

CFMB Program Update: March 2

Transitioning from survey validation to scorecard preparation.

We mentioned in the last blog that February would be an intense time for survey reviews. Well, it wasn’t an understatement. If you are a core player in these reviews, we would be deliriously happy if you could prioritize your response this week. The last of the “COVID bridge” interviews set up for this week and we look forward to fast-tracking those for companies that have/are experiencing resource constraints – extraordinary times require extraordinary responses.

March will continue to be busy as the team transitions into data crunching and analysis and prepares your confidential company scorecards. We have some exciting plans for our Insights launch including video, podcasts, and of course this year we will be comparing last year’s results with this year (now that we have two years of Material Change Index Leaderboard results to compare).

After a reality-check last month we are slipping the results back to May – and the 2021 MCI survey will open around the same time. This will be the last of a three-year sequence. It’s important to maintain continuity of the survey for at least three years so participants can benefit from consistent year-to-year comparisons.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

CFMB Program Update: March 3

Collecting pioneer’s experiences and feedback.

This month our pilot companies reap the rewards of their hard work and we enter the reflection phase and taking recommendations into the 2021 version.

Pilot companies receive confidential scorecards which will work as baseline results for these pioneers as we begin to collect the public learnings and case studies to showcase in the 2020 Insights report and multimedia activities.

The suppliers/manufacturers survey will be integrated into the 2021 MCI survey launch making the MCI open to brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Biodiversity Benchmark

CFMB Program Update: March 4

Beta version remains open for another month.

February was busy – and opportunities associated with the Biodiversity Benchmark continue to play out in interesting ways. This is a positive sign, although it does require a more “fluid” timeline as “ducks fall into line”. As a result, the great news is, it’s not too late to join in as we have extended the survey window by another month. Please register your interest here and remember you don’t have to be an expert or already doing great things, the emphasis is on the “bench learning” and figuring this all out together!

We are having interesting conversations far and wide, with wonderful people in the Fashion Pact, the new head of fashion at Conservation International, CSR Europe, Sustainable Textiles 2030 in Switzerland, and The Dragon Fly Institute who specialize in addressing impacts in gold and other mineral mining. We also took part in the Science Based Targets Network workshop to help build a cross-sectoral approach to supporting businesses on their biodiversity journey.

We have now concluded our February Drop-in Clinics. Thank you to all who joined in and brilliantly stimulated the conversation. We were delighted to have our benchmark development partners, The Biodiversity Consultancy, join in and support the sessions as we build capacity, knowledge and best practices. Speaking of which, please note the new recording by Marissa that demystifies the survey and online benchmarking platform.

Please see our broader stakeholder feedback form in which we ask for guidance on the next round of improvements. At this point in the process, there’s no such thing as too much feedback. Please do get in touch!

What I’m excited about

I am very excited about how our Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark Program is evolving and growing. Indeed, this year has been different in many ways for all of us and has shifted the ancient paradigm. Society is waking up and realizing that “things” need to be done differently, as well as the vast impact of our actions on the environment and the world’s intrinsic interconnections. But how do we know what we need to improve within our business? Here is where the benchmark is a great tool and has significant benefits: from a holistic approach, it provides a clear roadmap, defining the gaps and supporting companies to reach a robust fiber and materials strategy. I’m pleased to see the progress and this “community of change” growing. I want more of you joining us, so don’t forget to join the CFMB Hub, an excellent opportunity to meet up with like-minded people. The next benchmark cycle will open in May. Please stay tuned. As always, thank you for helping us Create Material Change. Please find us on or via the CFMB Companies Creating Materials Change Hub. We are open to welcoming new companies to the program – please contact us and we can find a time for a chat! Jessica Garcia Lama | Benchmark Manager