Certification Toolkit- Basic Package

Rita Luppino

Product integrity is the linchpin of sustainability in the textile industry. Though it is the most effective and transparent method of embedding integrity, the thought of complete certification may seem overwhelming. But it does not have to be. The Industry Integrity Team at Textile Exchange put together the Certification Toolkit as a guide to smoothing out the path to product
certification. Taking into special consideration the needs of brands and manufacturers, the guide will be useful as the first step in understanding how certification works and identifying the actions for your company to begin certifying your products. For those who have already begun to use product certification, the Certification Toolkit will provide answers to implementation issues,
reading certificates, and additional technical issues.

The Certification Toolkit – Basic Package is a condensed version of the full Certification Toolkit. The complete Certification Toolkit is available as a benefit at no extra charge
for members of Textile Exchange or may be purchased by non-members for $250. For more information, contact us at Integrity@TextileExchange.org.