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Tracking Certified Materials

Digital Trackit “dTrackit”

dTrackit is the upcoming digital representation of our existing transaction certificates that is utilized by more than 30,000 sites currently certified within the scope of the Textile Exchange standards. It has been developed to achieve full supply chain traceability with minimal disruption to the existing certification process and involves centralizing, reconciling, and connecting scope and transaction data currently stored across each of our 20+ authorized certification bodies.
The objectives of dTrackit are:
  • Centralize scope and transaction certification data to create a single source of truth.
  • Connect transaction certification data to establish full supply chain traceability.
  • Prevent duplication by providing a single source for verification and volume reconciliation.
  • Provide accurate, up-to-date, and more easily searchable public data on certified organizations and their product offerings.
  • Improve Textile Exchange’s ability to monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve the impact of our standards.

How will dTrackit work?

dTrackit 2
SC: Scope Certificate, TC: Transaction Certificate
The certification process with dTrackit is “Business As Usual.” Certified organizations apply for scope and transaction certificates with certification bodies as they have always done. The certification bodies then carry on with validation, reconciliation, approval, and issuance of scope and transaction certificates.
Behind the scenes, scope and transaction data that is stored with certification bodies will now be ingested into a central database for deduplication, reconciliation, and connection to achieve traceability and other benefits.

How will dTrackit be delivered?

dTrackit will be delivered through Textile Exchange’s enterprise data solution, known as the “Shared Measurement System” or “SMS” – a platform that enables internal and external data integration, analytics, reporting, and dashboard. SMS provides a flexible and scalable data architecture for Textile Exchange to ingest, process, and report on information critical to the industry, and dTrackit will be the first component of SMS to be released.

dTrackit program plan

dTrackit 3
As part of the Textile Exchange’s enterprise data solution, the program plan for dTrackit is mapped to that of the SMS. The SMS spans a three-year development roadmap. dTrackit will be the implemented in phases from November 2021 as a Minimum Viable Product.
Got a question? Want to get involved? Please contact Trackit@TextileExchange.org.