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What inspires and excites you about your work?

What is exciting about our job is that faux fur is at the crossroads of several exciting and crucial issues. These issues range from animal welfare to reducing the impact of synthetics while being always in a quest for newer innovative materials such as wool made from hemp and recycled polyester.

Tell us a bit how your journey started.

The journey regarding our KOBA(r) biobased faux fur started in a very non-formal way. I was just managing a blog about faux fur and, at the same time, was approached by someone from Dupont who told me about the Sorona corn-based fiber. Then I was hired by the leader in luxury faux fur with the mission to design new ways to create faux fur. So I introduce Dupont to Ecopel to create KOBA(r). As Stella McCartney is one of our top customers and friend of Ecopel, we offered the opportunity to launch KOBA(r) with her, and she accepted it.

Were there any challenges along to way?

The challenges were very technical, as we had to bring in new types of machines to work with this new polymer.

What have been the key learnings from your work?

The idea that collaboration is vital is very true as we all uplift each other in the right direction with our own unique expertise.

What’s next? What does the future hold?

We intend to have all of our faux furs made from biobased or recycled sources only before 2030, and we are also keeping an eye on invitro fur (fur grown in labs) to consider a post oil future.







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