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Green Net – Rim Khong project

Can you tell us a bit about the Rim Khong project?

Founded in 2010, the Rim Khong project aims to support marginalized farmers through organic farming and fair trade. Traditionally, the producers make their living with fishery activities along Mekong river (cash income) and produce food and fiber crop for their own use. Cotton is grown on the river bank, utilizing the moisture from the river after the water level decreases, exposing fertile soil along the river bank. With support from the Earth Net Foundation, a ginning machine has been installed in the village.

What is the impact of climate change on your work?

Climate change almost wiped out Green Net’s organic cotton. Yields dropped by 80-90% as the Mekong River dried up. Relying only on the water of Mekong River, the organic cotton crop of 2020/21 almost completely failed. In response, Green Net distributed free sticky rice to all members and their families to help compensate for their loss.

Thailand has suffered for the last 2 years from a prolonged dry season. Additionally, the Mekong water is highly regulated through several dams upstream, changing the seasonal flow and making it difficult for farmers to predict when and how much water would be available to them for their farms.

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