6 - Control-Union-ThumbnailBeing a long-term friend of TE’s, Control Union kindly chose to partner the recent Regional Organic Cotton Round Table in Izmir. Control Union is a strong actor in Turkey when it comes to organic textile certification, and we recently interviewed İsa Cem Topbaş, an auditor with the company, to hear his thoughts on the R-OCRT and what potential he sees for the future of organic cotton in the region.

Read the full interview with İsa Cem Topbaş, Textile Engineer and Auditor at Control Union, below:

What was your main ambition in getting involved and partnering with TE on the Regional Organic Cotton Round Table (R-OCRT)?

We are the leading certification body in the region and a long-time partner with TE and, being the very first regional event, it could not been imaginable without the support of Control Union certifications.

How did you find the R-OCRT? Can you share some key take-aways with us?

The collaboration with TE was another nice experience like the countless previous events that we have collaborated on before. The participation of our clients at the event as well as at the EKOLOJI fair was an important business activity for our company.

Control Union is a long-term friend of the Global OCRT. Why is so important to have a Regional OCRT in this particular area? Which other regions in the world do you think would benefit from a R-OCRT?

The quality of its cotton and its protected status as a non-GMO country gives Turkey a precious advantage in global organic cotton sector. Therefore, this event was a great supporting activity for the region. Globally, I personally think Tanzania has a huge potential for non GMO organic cotton production too.

What is Control Unions biggest achievement in the sustainable textile sector of this region so far?

We are the leading certification body in the region for the textile certification as well as for organic fiber certification. Organic cotton consumption grows gradually in Turkey and we use the advantage of being one of the largest textile certification teams in the world.

What is your future vision for the sustainable textile sector in Turkey and the region? And what role does Control Union play to contribute to and achieve that?

Organic cotton production will increase continuously, because our region will be so precious for the sustainable textile sector and, eventually, producing conventional cotton will not make any sense. Control union will continue to have an important role in the region with its experience in certification for GOTS as well as for all TE standards.