TE-Member-Logo-big-04-150x150January is Membership month at Textile Exchange, and we want to start by thanking all our members for your generous support of our work.  We simply could not accomplish what we do at TE without your financial contributions and collaborative engagement with us. So to all our members, a HUGE thank you! For those of you not familiar with TE or haven’t taken a look in a few years, we are on a new and focused path to bring value to the global textile industry. Our goals are still the same, our mission still very purpose driven – creating material change in the industry, building tools and resources to transform our industry to a safer, healthier one for our communities and ecosystems.

How we are doing this is the new and focused part. Our work is now centered on 3 platforms of core activities: Fiber and Materials, Integrity and Standards, andSupply Chain. We have dedicated teams in each area building knowledge, tools, resources and capabilities to provide members and the industry with actionable “how-to” solutions to accomplish their sustainability strategies. Our work is not intended to be duplicative, but rather highly complementary to other initiatives in place.  What do you think? Does this “how to” approach make sense? What can we make clearer for you to help you better understand and engage with our tools and solutions? What suggestions do you have?

Whether it’s a deep dive into organic cotton with our annual Organic Cotton Market Report, a summary material snapshot of mechanically recycled polyester (one of 34 total), our range of material standards like the OCS, GRS and RDS, or a training video on supplier network mapping, we’ve got it… and we are developing even more resources and tools in the coming year. Are there tools and solutions that you would like to see us develop that would help you in our core Fiber and Materials, Integrity and Standards, and Supply Chain areas? What kinds of information and learning are you looking for this year to help you achieve your goals?

We hope you’ll be pleased with our new focus and growing set of resources designed to help you learn and most importantly take meaningful action. Taking a good spin through our new website will give you a better feel for our direction and our solutions. But we want to hear from you. Broader and deeper engagement with our community, member and non-member, is essential for mutual success. This year we are committed to making that engagement happen, so tell us how we’re doing!

Look for much more in our blogs and other communications in the months to come. Here’s to a great year ahead working with each of you to bring about the change we all seek!