LIA Vision, Mission, & Goals

LIA Vision, Mission, & Goals


Advance responsibility and continuous improvement in the global leather industry through leadership, data, and inclusive multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration.


We envision a world in which all aspects of the leather industry are environmentally and socially responsible, economically viable, and promote animal welfare.


Accelerate positive impacts in the leather industry through wide scale adoption of better practices; mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity, respect social and animal welfare, and reduce the environmental impacts of leather production.

Want to learn more?

We welcome you to contact us  with any questions you may have about LIA. If you would like to play a role in the development and review of LIA, we invite you to join the International Working Group. 

Pilot Programs

Piloting will soon begin for LIA benchmarking and Impact Incentives. For more information on participating in a pilot, please get in touch.

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