Member-only Ask-Me-Anything: March 18

Textile Exchange is launching a series of Ask Me Anythingu2019s (AMAu2019s) on The Hub, exclusively for members. Each quarter, one of our membership community experts will be taking the helm and championing their area of expertise, over a weeklong discussion thread giving you the opportunity to deep dive into topics that are at the forefront of moving the needle towards our Climate+ strategy.

To launch our first AMA, Bart Vollaard, Executive Director of The Organic Cotton Accelerator, is taking the reins on March 18. As we continue to navigate organic cotton challenges, how can we come together to accelerate and protect the future of this fiber?

Prepare your questions, and join us to welcome Bart on March 18, CET 9:00 to deep dive into the Organic Cotton Accelerator.

Member-only Ask-Me-Anything: March 18 1