New Biosynthetics Website and Guide Launched

New Biosynthetics Website and Guide Launched 1

Textile Exchange has just launched a new website focused on textiles made from sugars, biomass and plant oils – – along with an accompanying “Quick Guide to Biosynthetics“. In the future, we could be wearing clothes made from sugars, plants, algae, fungi and bacteria. Even today, our shirts could be made from sugar cane and our stockings from castor oil beans. The rapidly developing technologies of the biosynthetics that make this possible are revealed and explained in Textile Exchange’s new website and Quick Guide, launched today and backed by an industry-wide Working Group. aims to demystify biosynthetics and provide soundly based information and market intelligence for businesses and interested consumers alike.

“We think the Textile Exchange microsite is a great way to provide much needed information on the benefits of biosynthetic materials to the textile industry” 

Stacey Orlandi, CEO, Virent

Biosynthetics form part of Textile Exchange’s portfolio of Preferred Fiber & Materials because of their potential to reduce the textile industry’s dependence on fossil fuels and shrink its carbon footprint, while producing innovative, high performance materials. Textile Exchange would like to warmly thank all those who contributed to the development of these resources, including Sophie Mather of biov8tion, Textile Exchange’s Biosynthetics Working Group, and many other industry experts.

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