Organic Content Standard Revision


Textile Exchange has launched a revision of the Organic Content Standard 2.0 in 2019. This revision will run from April 2019 to April 2020. You may find more information about our revision process in Textile Exchange Standard Setting Procedures. You can also monitor the revision by regularly visiting this website. The Revision process began April 2019, and we anticipate releasing the revised Organic Content Standard by April 2020.  

Organic Content Standard 3.0 Draft Consultation is Now Closed

This public consultation is your chance to review the standard and help guide the future of the standard. 

You may view the list of proposed changes and provide feedback using an online survey. Following the conclusion of this Consultation period, the International Working Group will review the feedback. The OCS 3.0 Draft Consultation was open from October 8, 2019 until December 8, 2019. 

A Summary of all collected feedback and how it was incorporated will be available to everyone that has submitted feedback. This document will be made available following the release of the revised standard. 

OCS IWG Call Schedule
All calls scheduled at 2pm BST / 9am EDT (may be affected by seasonal time change) 
  1.  July 2
  2. July 30
  3. August 13
  4. August 27
  5. September 10
  6. October 1  
  7. October 29
  8. December 12
  9. February 24th 

Meeting Materials 

July 2 –  Meeting Presentation

July 30 – Meeting Presentation

August 13 – Meeting NotesMeeting Presentation

August 27 – Meeting NotesMeeting Presentation

September 10 – Meeting NotesMeeting Presentation

October 1- Meeting Notes – Meeting Presentation

October 29- Meeting Notes – Meeting Presentation

December 12- Meeting Notes – Meeting Presentation

February 24th – Meeting NotesMeeting Presentation