Consumer Engagement Task Force

The consumer is part of the organic cotton value chain. Educating and driving consumer demand are part of the business model. Brands and retailers of organic cotton need to see a return on investment.  They invest significantly in product placement and talk directly to their customer, so consumer engagement is critical.

Below you can see the highlights from a Consumer Engagement meeting that took place during the 2013 OCRT in Istanbul (ilustrated by Carlotta Cataldi):


Activities to Date

Our ambition with a organic cotton microsite is to support our members with consistent and up-to-date information for their customers and to provide a platform for cause-related marketing.

The Beta phase was developed by TE and released in Portland in 2014.

Following the feedback from the OCRT and in consultation with members of the Consumer Engagement Task Force, was released in Mumbai 2015 together with 15 fact sheets that are downloadable from the microsite.



Serving the global audience

The information on has been translated into Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese to serve a global audience. Development is currently underway to roll out these translations technically on the microsite.

Areas For Future Investment


Leveraging the power of social media to spread the concept of organic cotton.


Collaborate with brands to develop sector wide consumer campaigns – cause related marketing.