Plan Your Material Future: Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark Updates

Plan Your Material Future: Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark Updates 1

Help build your route map for a Post-COVID future!

Textile Exchange’s 2020 Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark (CFMB) will open in June. Now is your opportunity to rethink the textile industry and make it fit for the future. We have been forced to pause and will regroup – how should we move forward?

The Material Change Index (MCI), a key component of Textile Exchange’s CFMB program, is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the textile industry with 170+ brand participants. The MCI helps companies move towards a preferred materials portfolio – a critical part of making the transition to a more resilient, regenerative and circular economy.

With our new Climate+ strategy, Textile Exchange is the driving force for urgent climate action on textile fiber and materials. By benchmarking the industry and providing actionable tools for improvement, Textile Exchange is pushing a race to the top.

  Don’t miss out on:

  • The launch of the Material Change Insights Report in May, in partnership with GreenBiz. This report will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of how the industry is progressing in its shift to preferred materials and highlights urgent gaps that need to be filled. A series of webinars are scheduled in June.
  • How to participate in the CFMB 2020. Dedicated webinars for returnees and new participants. This year’s program is steeped in the context of post-COVID concerns.. For all of you waiting for news on 2020, you will find our 2020 Benchmark Briefing 2020.

Calling all textile companies (brands, retailersand now manufacturers)with business roots in the fields, forests, ranches and waste streams of our planet. You have a vital role to play in the post-COVID transition.

Plan your material future.

Join us!