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Textile Exchange Adds Depth to Senior Leadership

Textile Exchange is adding strength and depth to the organization’s leadership as part of the essential foundation needed to deliver the organization’s 2030 Climate+ Vision. These exciting changes include that La Rhea Pepper, a co-founder of Textile Exchange, will serve as CEO and Claire Bergkamp joins Textile Exchange as Chief Operating Officer (COO) on November 1. This added depth is an exciting evolution in the leadership team and happens at a vital time as the organization is leading the textile industry to reduce GHG emissions by 45% by 2030 with its Climate+ strategy.

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Like-minded organizations form an alliance of resources for the global value chain.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), ZDHC Foundation (ZDHC), Textile Exchange, and the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) are today announcing new partnerships in order to accelerate impact and drive new efficiencies for the industry. Based on their core competencies and complementary efforts, the organizations are forming an alliance of resources and offerings for the global value chain. “COVID has been a very negative backdrop to so much industry news and it’s true that it has accelerated our views on the potential for transformational partnerships, but together we’ve been contemplating deeper integrations for years. The timing finally seems right,” explained Amina Razvi, SAC’s Executive Director.

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Textile Exchange releases annual report showing the 2018/19 organic cotton harvest to be the second-largest on record.

Textile Exchange’s 2020 Organic Cotton Market Report reveals that organic cotton production increased 31 percent over the previous year and shows promise for continued growth according to pre-COVID reporting. In a post-COVID world, as a growing system that honors and sustains life, organic cotton has the potential to restore health and promote positive climate action.

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New Textile Exchange report shows latest trends in the preferred fiber and materials market – growth in most areas but not at the speed and scale required.

Textile Exchange’s 2020 Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report (PFMR) shows the latest trends in the fiber and materials market including those with improved social and environmental impacts, which are referred to as Preferred. This in-depth report not only provides the latest facts and figures but also provides inspiring insights into the work of leading companies and organizations, including the people who are creating material change.

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Ambitious vision for man-made cellulosic fibres promises greater resilience for global textile industry

As COVID-19 continues to impact textile producers and buyers, a new report from international sustainability non-profits, Forum for the Future and Textile Exchange, highlights the huge potential of man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCF) – including viscose, modal and lyocell – to create a more sustainable future, and outlines an ambitious sector-wide vision that could revolutionise the textile and apparel industry, with implications for a wide variety of other industries from health to personal care.

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Textile Exchange report highlights concerns with recent increase in adoption of genetically modified (GM) cotton in Africa

According to a new Textile Exchange Pan-Africa Sourcing Working Group white paper, “Cotton in Africa: Sustainability at a Crossroads,“ an increasing number of countries in Africa are choosing to adopt genetically modified (GM) cotton, defined as cotton that has had its genetic material (DNA) altered in a manner that does not occur naturally. However, Africa appears to be of two minds: while seven out of its 54 countries permit GM cotton production, four have opted out. Many other countriesare in the consideration phase.

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