SDG Resources Channel Online @

Textile Exchange has launched a set of online resources we’re calling SDG Resources Channel to support the industry’s engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This initiative follows on our successful conference in October 2017 where we incorporated the SDGs into the Agenda.  Learn from several of the SDG-related plenaries and breakouts that are included in the Channel from Textile Exchange Members, including C&A, PVH and Target to name a few. More to come at this year’s conference in Milan.

We’re also looking to map existing industry initiatives to the SDGs, to the value chain and to sourcing regions in an effort to help mainstream the SDGs within the textile and apparel industries. While the SDG resources pages are in an early development phase, we ask for your feedback and suggestions and we invite hope you to check back regularly for new content.

An article timed to the launch of the SDG Resources Channel will appear in the April print edition of Ecotextile News (and will be available online at with your subscription.) Please make sure to check it out, and learn how you can help us all move closer to a more inclusive and sustainable society and industry.  Another way to get involved: use the hashtag #textileexchange4sdgs to tell your own stories of engagement with the SDGs.