Successful Programs Start with Motivated Workers | By Sustainable Brands

This excerpt was originally posted on Sustainable Brands, February 1, 2018. Read Full Article Here. 

News Deeply, in partnership with Sustainable Brands, has produced a series of profiles looking at how brands are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. The goal is to examine trends and gather insights from a new wave of corporate citizenship — in an era when the private sector is increasingly expected to play a positive role in improving our lives and societies. This is the 16th article in the series.

Motivated employees are key to the success of any sustainability program. At The North Face, that means building a workspace — and a workday — that keeps workers engaged and invested in the company’s goals and initiatives.

—- Excerpt:

News Deeply: You developed the responsible down standard in 2014. Why is a company like The North Face interested in animal welfare?

Rogers: The responsible down standard came about because a couple animal welfare nonprofits found some issues in the down supply chain. They raised those issues directly with us, and we took their concerns very seriously, and in that process, developed the responsible down standard to ensure that wasn’t happening in our supply chain. It was something we didn’t actively know was happening. Once we did, we addressed it as quickly as possible.

We partnered with Textile Exchange and Control Union to develop the standard in a way that other brands could adopt it. Once it was created, we gifted it to Textile Exchange, and now they own that standard. The last that I heard, over 80 different brands have adopted it.