In the Supplier Spotlight, we like to showcase suppliers offering a special preferred fiber or material to the market. This month, the spotlight is on Appachi Eco-Logic in Tamil Nadu, India, which produces extra long staple “Eco-Logic” cotton fiber.

Supplier Name: Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton Pvt Ltd

Location: Tamil Nadu, India

Product: Eco-Logic Cotton Fibre (ELS35)

Profile: The Eco-Logic Cotton Fibre is a produce of Appachi Eco-Logic Project. The project is bringing together farmers of the Kabini region, encouraging them to grow traditional varieties of cotton and helping them to convert from genetically modified cotton to growing environmentally friendly Eco-Logic cotton. The project also educates farmers in traditional and scientific methods of growing sustainable and high quality cotton consistently.

Certification: Self-certified (Eco-Logic)

Current availability: 50 MT

Classification: ELS 35 mm, 2.8 to 3.3 Mic, 26.0 to 28.0 G/tex


Phone: +99688044000

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