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The RWS Supply Chain

The identity of the RWS wool is maintained at all times: from the farm to final product.

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The farm is where sheep are raised and bred. 

Photo Credit: Jeanne Carver, Shaniko Wool Company Imperial Stock Ranch is now part of the Shaniko Wool Company Farm Group


BKB | South Africa


Bloch & Behrens Wool | New Zealand

Fuhrmann S.A. | Argentina

Fuhrmann S.A. | Argentina

Fox & Lillie | Australia

Fox & Lillie | Australia

Glendemar Merino | Australia

Glendemar Merino | Australia

Imperial Stock Ranch | USA

Imperial Stock Ranch | USA


Lanas Trinidad | Uruguay

Glendemar Merino | Australia

Murrayfield | Tasmania

New Zealand Merino | New Zealand

Glendemar Merino | Australia

Ovis 21 | South America

Shaniko Wool Company | United States

Shaniko Wool Company | United States

Wools of New Zealand | New Zealand

Wools of New Zealand | New Zealand

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BKB is a wool broker that provides a range of services to our producers. Our main activities are focused on the genetic improvement of sheep flocks, and providing excellent logistical services to the wool industry  All our wool is sold on auction in Port Elizabeth.

Location / Countries of operation: South Africa and Lethoso
Contact e-mail:
Web link:

Why did you decide to become RWS certified?
Looking at the RWS standards, we saw the opportunity to establish an industry-wide standard for sustainable farming practices. South African farmers in general need to take extra care of their animals since it is a difficult environment. We liked the idea that we will produce according to market requirements.  We support the way of thinking about sustainability and animal welfare.  These values are deeply entrenched in the South African way of thinking.

What does working with the RWS mean for you?
It means that our product appeals to a customer that holds the same values we do. We had to take a long hard look at our own practices, and adapt where necessary. It is always good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at old practices. Since we have started working with RWS we have changed, a number of old practices.  We have found that our producers easily adapted to the new way of thinking.

Bloch & Behrens Wool (NZ) Ltd

Fuhrmann S.A.

Fox & Lillie

Glendemar Multi Purpose Merino

Imperial Stock Ranch

Lanas Trinidad


The New Zealand Merino Company Ltd

Ovis 21

Shaniko Wool Company

Wools of New Zealand