Textile Exchange COVID-19 Statement

In uncertain times like this, we are reminded just how connected we are to each other. We may be separated by borders and distance, but a global pandemic knows no bounds and shows no favoritism or prejudice. Our thoughts are with all who are feeling the impacts of COVID-19.

In differing ways, we are all feeling the effects of this terrible epidemic. However, we hope that, like us, you are resolved to create a better and healthier world. From today, we have 3,570 days to reach the 2030 climate goals. While we are all working to support each other to get through the current situation, we can’t lose the momentum and focus on the goal of reducing carbon by 2030. It is imperative that we, as an industry, continue implementing solutions that support life longer-term for people, wildlife and biodiversity, and the planet as a whole.

The Textile Exchange TEam has cut all non-essential travel until further notice to prevent unknowingly spreading the virus, as well as to protect our TEam members and their families. We want to reassure our community that our full TEam continues to support our Members. While much of the world is learning how to work remotely, the Textile Exchange Team has been doing so for years – we’re not traveling, but, otherwise, it is business-as-usual.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will be monitoring this ever-changing situation and communicating with stakeholders as needed. As always, we continue being available to support our members and further the acceleration and uptake of Preferred Fiber and Materials.
  • Textile Exchange continues to convene and inspire the industry during this time. We will continue to deliver learning opportunities through digital tools, as well as continue to hope and have faith that our annual Textile Sustainability Conference will take place as planned in Dublin, Ireland on November 3-6 with virtual attendance options added.
  • We are continuing the important work of our Preferred Fiber and Material Round Tables and Working Groups. During this time where you may have more time on your hands while working remotely, we invite you to engage with us to learn, share and contribute to the important work we are doing. Focused groups are available for:
  • Animal fibers – Cashmere, down, leather, mohair and wool.
  • Biosynthetics
  • Cotton – organic cotton, sustainable cotton challenge, and transitional cotton.
  • Home & Hospitality
  • Man-made cellulosics
  • Recycled polyester
  • Textile Exchange standards

Let us know what topics interest you and we’ll connect you to the correct TEam leads to get you started.

Due to travel restrictions, on-site audits for our standards are not possible in many countries. The Textile Exchange TEam is working with certification bodies to develop solutions to maintain the credibility of our standards through this time. It is Textile Exchange’s intent that no certified company will lose their certification due to delays in auditing caused by COVID-19. For full details about certifications and the impacts of COVID-19, please visit here.

Now, more than ever, community is important, and the Textile Exchange TEam is here to support all of our members during this challenging time.