Textile Exchange (TE) and The New Zealand Merino Company Limited (NZM) Announced Important Agreement Regarding the RWS

The two organizations recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) detailing the alignment between the ZQ Accreditation program and the RWS.  As a result of this agreement, wool grown under the ZQ Accreditation program (ZQ Merino and ZQ Premium Wool) can now be sold as RWS certified.

The New Zealand Merino Company is New Zealand’s leading commercial wool marketing and innovation company.

ZQ Merino and ZQ Premium Wool were developed in 2006 by NZM to identify high quality wool components. The brands are backed by an independently audited and traceable accreditation program that validates the quality and ethical standards to which the fiber is produced.  In addition to addressing animal welfare and land management, ZQ also addresses social responsibility, fiber quality, education, and has a significant portfolio of research to continue to refine and improve standards over time.

NZM is recognized for its track record of innovation, in the merino sector and more recently in strong wool, flipping a very traditional, production-led and commodity based industry on its head to bring about a global market oriented culture that creates, delivers and captures long-term value.

“This MOU is an important step in establishing the RWS as a global benchmark, and this will contribute to bringing RWS certified wool to the world quickly.” – Anne Gillespie, Director of Industry Integrity, Textile Exchange.

“We are pleased the alignment between RWS and ZQ Accreditation has been acknowledged. This is a reflection of the leadership of ZQ Accredited growers and those brands that specify their wool.  We are pleased to be able to offer some of the first RWS wool to the world.” – Dave Maslen, Global Partnerships Manager, The New Zealand Merino Company