The Sustainable Conference Circuit By Karla Magruder

By Karla Magruder | Founder, Fabrikology International

Folks, I think we need to focus. There are too many conferences for the textile industry. If they are not solely focused on sustainability they always have at least some environmental talks or “green” suppliers. Are we to target conferences like we target sustainability projects? Focus on those your company has deemed a priority? Even this can be a problem because of the amount of overlap and content delivery. I see 2 major issues;
• there is a lot of “heart” when it comes to talk about the environment at the expense of science
• the complication around even the simplest of efforts is often deeper than we expect

So, who decides what the truly big important issues are when it comes to textile sustainability? The UN has created their Sustainable Development Goals which creates a shared language for us to talk about sustainability initiatives. It’s probably a good place to start.

Next, how do we get the accurate detailed information we need? How do we not get side tracked by “the issue of the day” when the the big environmental issues are being ignored? There’s still a lot of work to do to answer these questions. I like the idea that knowing your problems will lead to solutions. Obviously we have serious problems in the textile supply chain. We’d like to hear from you about what you believe the BIG problems are for your company. Once we have the “problems” identified we can then work on solutions. ……..and I get that the rest of the newsletter covers a couple of recent conferences. ✌

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