Updates to TE Transaction Certificate Policy and Templates

Textile Exchange (TE) is pleased to announce an updated Transaction Certificate Policy and corresponding Templates for our standards. Further to these updates, TE has released individual Transaction Certificate templates for each standard and an additional template for products certified to multiple TE standards. The example given in the template is a product made with both Organic Content Standard and Recycled Claim Standard certified materials.

The original policy and template were created together with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in 2012 with the goal of efficiency and harmonization of our similar requirements. During 2016, TE and GOTS collaborated again to update the policy and template.

The templates are created as an example of how certification bodies can construct a Transaction Certificate to meet the requirements of the Transaction Certificate Policy, but each certification body may have slightly different formatting – as long as the requirements are met. The templates also serve to show anyone what minimum information an authentic Transaction Certificate should contain. If you ever have any doubts about the authenticity of a Transaction Certificate (or a Scope Certificate), contact the responsible certification body. The authorized certification bodies can be found at www.TextileExchange.org/integrity.

Some notable updates from the policy and templates are:

  1. Exclusion for Wholly Owned Subsidiaries – where parent companies are involved, Transaction Certificate obligations can be burdensome. Guidance has been provided on possible exemptions from the Transaction Certificate requirement between the parent and subsidiaries.
  2. Box 10 Document References – Because Box 10 product information can be enormous with the possibility of 100 shipments, it is now allowed to reference invoices, transport documents, etc.
  3. Box 18 Consignees – Because of the possibility of 100 shipments, a buyer may have many different stores to ship product to and box 18 has been added to allow the list of these consignees and their corresponding product.

Along with these document updates, both TE and GOTS agreed on the following time limits for our certificates:

  1. Transaction Certificates shall be issued on or within 15 working days after receipt of a complete application from an eligible applicant. Certified companies have been asking for a time limit for issuance of Transaction Certificates and Scope Certificates by the certification bodies.
  2. Certification bodies are not obligated to entertain requests for Transaction Certificates if requests were made by eligible applicants more than six months from date of shipment.

Certification Bodies have been given until May 15, 2017 to implement the changes.

The policy and the seven templates can be downloaded from www.TextileExchange.org/integrity.