Verify any Content Claim with the CCS

Textile Exchange standards verify the content of a wide range of materials (i.e. organic, recycled, responsible wool, responsible down), but could never create standards to cover every material claim. Although it is embedded into all Textile Exchange standards as the basis for chain of custody requirements, the Content Claim Standard (CCS) was created as a separate, generic standard to be able to substantiate any material’s attribute.

Since 2012, a small number of companies have used the CCS  by itself to verify their content claims through third-party certification. Recently, several companies have asked Textile Exchange if the CCS can be used to verify their unique claims. We have created a guidance document that details how the CCS can be used in this manner – as well as the types of claims that can be made in the end.

Whether you need to know in what country your product was originally grown or if the wood was harvested so as to cause no harm to pandas – as long as the claim can be substantiated – the CCS can then ensure a proper chain of custody for your product throughout the supply chain. Contact us at to get started.