What is the implementation timeline for these changes? Producer and brand level 

The development towards a unified standard system has been underway since we first announced

our Climate+ strategy in 2019. The draft standard will be made available for public comment in two

iterations: the first draft was released for public comment in May 2023, and the second draft is

estimated to be released for public comment in September 2023; timelines may be adjusted.

The final standard is planned to be released in early 2024. When the standard is finalized, this will

not mean that it is immediately effective or mandatory. Throughout 2024, we will conduct a full

internal systems update, as well as provide the necessary implementation planning for all

stakeholders in the system.

According to our current standard finalization and implementation timeline, the standard will be

effective in 2025. This means that sites will be able to request certification and certification bodies

will be equipped to audit against the standard. In 2026, the standard will be mandatory, meaning

all sites will need to be certified to the new system and the unified standard system will supersede

applicable previous standards, which will be defined in the final standard.