The Preferred Fiber and Material Matrix is an interactive tool to guide sourcing decisions.

The Preferred Fiber and Material Matrix (PFMM) assesses the trade-offs of different sustainability certifications, initiatives, and branded materials. It was conceived by Gap Inc. to help their designers and product teams understand the impact of their fiber and materials choices. We were given responsibility and ownership of the tool in 2020.


We’re helping brands big and small better understand their impacts.

The PFMM shares data and guidance on over 65 of the most common materials, programs, and initiatives. We’ve taken advantage of the expertise of others in the sector to help us to refine the tool so that it combines qualitative and quantitative data and is an essential decision-making asset for the industry.

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The PFMM is now publicly available for the first time.

The latest release of Preferred Fiber and Materials Matrix has a refreshed methodology, including updated human rights, chemical management, and initiative integrity content. Now an open-source tool for the industry, the PFMM assesses the performance of different sustainability standards within material categories, across 80 qualitive and quantitative indicators. 


Updating the tool

We are currently building out the Preferred Fiber and Materials Matrix so that it can better help the industry define what constitutes a preferred fiber or material, expanding on the Initial Guidance we provided in 2023.

The next version will go beyond its current scope and apply to a range of programs, including standards systems, branded fibers, and improvement programs. In early 2025, we will launch a self-assessment process for programs that want to be listed in the tool, with the results third-party verified before being published. We are undertaking this change is to enable a more efficient process of including programs in the tool. Please note that no further programs will be added to the PFMM in 2024.