The Materials Benchmark is the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the fashion, textile, and apparel industry

The Materials Benchmark showcases the progress of brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers towards more sustainable materials sourcing. In helping to keep each other accountable, we are driving a race to the top to reach our Climate+ target of a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from fiber and raw material reduction by 2030.


Each year, we analyze the benchmark results in our Materials Benchmark reports. Sharing these insights and trends publicly helps to create a better understanding of the state of the sector, as well as the solutions needed to reach our goals.

Discover the benefits of joining the Materials Benchmark

Report through our framework

Participating companies can use our common framework to report on their fiber and materials strategy and annual progress.

Share your results

Participants get digital assets to communicate their results and engage all internal and external stakeholders.

Receive a confidential scorecard

Every participating company gets a confidential scorecard to help track its progress towards building a more robust fiber and materials strategy.

Show leadership

Participants benefit from peer-to-peer performance tracking, access to a dedicated learning community on the Hub and the chance to show leadership.



Alignment with others

Our benchmarking framework creates a focal point for sector alignment with the SDGs as well as the wider move to a circular economy.

Contribute to Climate+

Every participant helps us to reach our Climate+ target of a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas from fiber and raw material production by 2030.

Take part in the next Materials Benchmark cycle

Brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers are all invited to begin their benchmarking journey. The more that the Materials Benchmark program grows, the better we can showcase the current state of the sector.


Join the Materials Benchmark community on the Hub

The Materials Benchmark community on the Hub is the place to post questions, consult all the resources, share best practices, and interact with the other participants.