Textile Exchange provides:

  • Material Snapshots and Summaries: To support your sustainability journey, we have created a library of material snapshots and summaries. The summaries provide a helpful insight into a range of common fibers and materials. While the new snapshots give a more technical, in-depth, description of process and impact. [Material Snapshots] [Material Summaries]
  • Consumer Engagement: We are creating information hubs aimed to inform, inspire and equip both retailer and consumer with the most credible, up-to-date information available on preferred fibers and materials. []
  • Stakeholder Platforms: Bringing together members of the supply chain to address barriers, share best practice, create new ways of doing business and grow the preferred fibers and materials market. [Organic Cotton Round Table]
  • Industry Benchmarking: A new annual benchmarking initiative developed collaboratively with participants to encourage companies to continuously improve their performance and uptake of preferred fibers and materials. [PFM Portal Sign In] [PFM Benchmark]
  • Producer Visibility: Producers and their communities are key to sustainability. We work closely with farmers and other raw materials providers to raise visibility, promote best practice, and share innovation at the start of the chain. [Organic In Action] [Inspiring Moments] [Case Studies]
  • Value Creation Services: We work collectively with all stakeholders and we also offer tailored products and services ranging from strategic advice, training and education, research/analytics and infographics.