Textile companies, with the roots of their businesses in the fields, forests, and deep in the ground, have an important role to play in the transition to a more resilient, regenerative and circular economy. Moving towards a preferred fiber and materials portfolio is part of that transition and is a significant way for textile companies to improve impact. The objective of Textile Exchange’s Fiber and Materials Platform is to help you make this transition.


Within the major fiber categories (cotton, synthetics, man made cellulosics [MMC], and animal fibers) we take an active role in …

We work closely with our members and other organizations to maximize impact and harmonization, and work closely with initiatives focusing on other preferred options that are outside our core.

About Us

The Fiber & Materials platform supports the development and implementation of an environmentally and socially preferred fiber and materials strategy. We provide:

★ Extensive data, tools and market analytics on key preferred fibers and materials including organic cotton and other more sustainable cotton options, recycled polyester, preferred man made cellulosics, bio-synthetics and responsibly produced animal fibers and materials.

★ Convening spaces and working groups to address barriers to growth and accelerate uptake of preferred fiber and materials.

★ Visibility and market linkages to fiber producers and processors in order to share information on the availability and innovation of more sustainable materials.

★ Market Intelligence
We produce market reports annually. Our extensive database and supply chain connections allow us to produce technical white papers, through to infographics – bringing data alive and making it more accessible.

★ Sector Benchmarking
Our annual benchmarking program  encourages companies to continuously improve their performance and uptake of preferred fiber and materials.

★ Material Snapshots and Summaries
We have created a library of material snapshots and summaries. The summaries provide insight into a range of fibers and materials. While the snapshots give a more technical, in-depth, description of process and impact.

★ Consumer Engagement
Our suite of microsites inform, inspire and equip both retailer and consumer with the most credible, up-to-date information.

★ Round Tables
Bring together members of the supply chain to address barriers, share best practice, create new ways of doing business and grow the market.

★ Supplier Visibility
We work closely with farmers and other raw materials providers to raise visibility, promote best practice, and share innovation at the start of the chain.

★ Value Creation Services
We work collectively with all stakeholders and we also offer tailored products and services ranging from strategic advice, training and education, research/analytics, and infographics.

Liesl Truscott, European & Materials Strategy Director (UK) –
★ Amish Gosai, India Program Manager (India) –
Evonne Tan, Data & Creative Specialist (Malaysia)
★ Jana Busch, Materials Program Assistant (Germany) –
★ Lisa Emberson, Materials Platform Coordinator (UK) –
★ Nicole Lambert, Technical Analyst (France) –
★ Simone Seisl, TE Ambassador for Europe (Germany) –

Allen You, TE Ambassador for China (China) |  Atila Ertem, TE Ambassador, Turkey, Egypt & Central Asia (Turkey) |  Lazare Yombi, TE Ambassador for Africa (Benin) |  Leonard Mtama,TE Ambassador for Africa (Tanzania) |  Silvère Tovignan, TE Ambassador for Africa (Benin) |  Silvio Moraes, TE Ambassador for Latin America (Brazil)

Liesl Truscott, European & Materials Strategy Director  Lisa Emberson, Materials Platform Coordinator