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We’re committed to helping the fashion and textile industry reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from fiber and raw material production by 45% by 2030, in line with our Climate+ goal. That’s why we’re supporting brands big and small across the fashion and textile industry with tools, resources, and initiatives.


Start putting your fiber and materials strategy into action

Our Google-backed tool helps you understand impacts based on how and where materials are produced.

Global Fiber Impact Explorer

We’re managing an interactive framework to assess over 65 commonly used materials, programs, and initiatives.

Preferred Fiber & Materials Matrix

Our system allows farmers to sell incentives to brands if they meet a climate standard, bypassing complex supply chains.

Impact Incentives

Explore leading research and in-depth data

Industry and market reports

Our reports address the opportunities and challenges at the core of the industry, pulling together data to guide decisions.

Industry and Market Reports

Webinar archive

We bring together the best minds in the industry to share knowledge and explore how we can better achieve our climate goals.

Webinar Archive

Document library

We’ve brought our key documents together in one place, helping you find exactly what you need.

Document Library

Annual reports

Our annual reports show how we’re supporting the industry. Access all our resources in one place.

Annual Reports

Knowledge Center

Access all our resources in one place.

Knowledge Center

Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report

Our Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report is an annual publication on global fiber and materials production, availability, and trends, including those with improved social and environmental impacts.


Connect with suppliers from farm to final product

Find an Organic Cotton Producer

We’re helping the industry connect with organic cotton producers at the farm level.

Find an Organic Cotton Producer

Find a Certified Company

We’ve compiled a list of certified companies using the latest data.

Find a Certified Company

Read case studies, interviews, and opinion pieces from industry experts

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