When can Trackit be used commercially? 

dTrackit: Indirectly, certified suppliers and brands are already using dTrackit. Certification bodies have been reporting scope and transaction certificate data submitted by certified companies, to us since October 2022. We are currently improving on both data completeness and quality. Selected brands have been given access to a beta release. A general release is planned in the coming months. Suppliers will be given access in 2024. 

eTrackit: Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) are available on eTrackit now. That means, certified companies can start their onboarding process: register on eTrackit, get trained, and begin to use eTransactions (instead of transaction certificates) to transact materials certified to RCS and GRS.

For Organic Content Standard (OCS) and Responsible Animal Fibers Standards (RAF), pilots are currently in progress, and for Responsible Down Standard, planned for 2024.