Global Recycle Standard

Global Recycled Standard v3

The second Stakeholder Review of the GRS v3 is now complete. A consolidated summary of feedback and the IWG responses from the first and second reviews will be available soon.


Summary of the Global Recycled Standard Revision Process

  • First stakeholder review period: December 19 to February 20

  • Second stakeholder review period: March 27 to April 28

  • Release of final GRS v3: tentatively June 2014

Global Recycled Standard v3 Draft

This document should be treated as a draft and not be used as a standard or cited in any way.

Please submit the completed Feedback Form to before April 28.  You may provide feedback to the first stakeholder review comments in this form.

An International Working Group (IWG) of certification bodies has led the revision of the standard. The GRS IWG members are: Control Union, ICEA, IMO, Intertek, and SCS Global Services. 


Global Recycle Standard v2.1


The GRS is intended for companies that are making and/or selling products with recycled content. The standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, and labeling. Developed with the textile industry in mind, the GRS may also be applied to products from any industry.


Global Recycle Standard v2.1
GRS v2.1 Input Requirements


Looking for Suppliers?

Are you looking for a supplier certified to the OE standards? We have recently updated our format to include a list of available products. Please note that this information is not available for all companies.
Companies Certified to the Global Recycled Standard (pdf)

Looking to become certified?

If you would like your products to be certified to the GRS standard, contact a certification body currently certifying to the standard and they will direct you through the process.


Looking to certify against the GRS?

If you are a certifying body and would like to become accredited to certify against the GRS, please contact us and we will work with you to begin this process.