We’re driving meaningful change right from the start of the supply chain.

Most of the materials used for fashion, textile, and apparel today come from farms, forests, or fossil fuels. Textile Exchange exists to ensure the industry treats these resources with respect.


Our purpose is to build a global fiber and materials production model that positively impacts our planet.

At the heart of our strategy is the goal of helping the fashion, textile, and apparel industry to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that come from fiber and raw materials production by 45% by 2030. We call it Climate+.

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Soil puts food on our plates, purifies the water, and is the beginning of all material production. We’re striving to keep it healthy.

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Like food and the air we breathe, material production depends on healthy ecosystems which need a wide variety of animals, plants, and microorganisms. That’s why we’re supporting biodiversity.

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The basis of life as we know it, water, needs to be treated as the precious resource it is. We work to make sure it is used responsibly and put back safely into our systems.

Learn the Basics

Understand materials and standards

Explore fibers and materials

We help the industry to understand some of the common sustainability challenges that come with producing popular fibers and raw materials. Then, we work with stakeholders all along the supply chain to find ways to overcome them at scale.


Explore sustainability standards

We’ve developed a set of robust standards to give the industry a way to authenticate their sustainability claims from raw material to final product. They fill the gaps in existing guidelines and verification tools, and we regularly adapt and upgrade them to meet evolving needs.

Get Involved

Take the next step on your sustainability journey

We recognize that everyone’s journey will be different, so we provide the industry with tools, resources, and initiatives that mean everyone, from farmers to suppliers and brands, can find the next step to take on their sustainability pathway.

Read our reports

Explore our industry reports to expand your knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in fiber and raw material production today.

Use our tools

Use one of our interactive tools to compare data on different fibers and raw materials and work out how to make an immediate impact.

Take part in our benchmark

Participate in our Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark to report on your progress in materials sourcing and see how you compare to others.

Take a fiber challenge

Join other brands in setting ambitious targets to source more sustainable cotton or recycled polyester, increasing these materials’ market share.

Sign up for a round table

Take part in one of our round table discussions for a specific fiber or material and help to create alignment on goals and actions.

Attend an event

Connect with industry leaders at one of our virtual or in-person events, as we work to map out the pathway to positive climate impact.


See industry progress in materials sourcing

We can’t be confident of reaching our Climate+ goal if don’t track our progress. That’s why we’re pulling together the numbers that help us pinpoint where change has been made so far and orientate our actions on where we need to go next.

See which companies source materials more sustainably

Search by company name, corresponding standard, location, raw material, and more.

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Discover data and insights for different fibers and materials

Find key statistics on the global fiber and material production landscape to understand progress.

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Track progress towards our Climate+ goal

See the changes that have been realized since 2019 baseline data.

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Dive deeper into fiber and materials production