The Biodiversity Action Map

Our Biodiversity Action Map identifies active biodiversity and nature projects in key production landscapes for different fibers and raw materials. It aims to connect users to projects that deliver biodiversity and nature outcomes through restoring and regenerating ecosystem integrity and/or biodiversity intactness. The map is intended to aid brands and retailers to identify potential projects, and provide a way to connect with the organizations delivering them.

Disclaimer: The projects featured on the Biodiversity Action Map are not endorsed by Textile Exchange and we advise users to carry out their own due diligence. Locations on the map are approximate for illustrative purposes only. Please confirm the exact locations of the project when contacting the organization directly.


How to navigate the map

Start by using the filters at the top of the map to choose the material, country, and type of intervention you are interested in. Some projects are relevant to more than one material, so make sure to use the material filter when selecting which projects to view. Then, click on the circles on the map to view the project information. Want to find out more about a particular project? Use the contact details provided to reach out to those delivering the project so you can get involved.


What is this tool intended to help with?

Information sharing

Facilitating the sharing of information about active and measurable intervention projects for biodiversity and nature.

Material-specific search

Searching by material to help you find a project that is relevant for you

Providing contacts

Providing contact details of those delivering the project so you can get involved.


Help us to expand our map

Do you have a project that you would like featured on the Biodiversity Action Map?