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Accreditation Committee Members with Organic Cosmetics and/or Textiles Industry Expertise

The Accreditation Committee is a volunteer position appointed by the IOAS Board, requiring you to perform Accreditation Decisions via online platform, participate in teleconferences pertaining to adverse actions and/or appeals, and an annual meeting, which may be held anywhere in the world, or remotely if necessary. If attending in person all travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed by IOAS.

Members of the IOAS Accreditation Committee (AC) are eligible for a $50 honorarium for each CB accreditation decision they render, either in person or virtually, including routine decisions on (re)accreditation or continuation of accreditation (in cases of Annual Surveillance) as well as decisions on imposing or lifting sanctions.  AC members are also eligible for a $250 honorarium for each AC meeting that they attend (typically convened annually for the purpose of ongoing training, discussing common issues, etc.) and $50 for each joint Board/AC meeting that they attend, either in person or virtually


All candidates must meet the following minimum qualification requirements:

  1. Good knowledge of the English language;
  2. Standing and authority in their field which is deemed relevant to the position;
  3. High degree of personal integrity, including the ability to maintain confidentiality and show due concern for conflict of interest;
  4. Evidence of supporting the aims and objectives of organic agriculture and/or IFOAM’s mission;
  5. Ability to attend, prepare for and actively participate in meetings;
  6. In the case of those chosen as representatives of the fields of inspection or certification a considerable degree of experience and expertise is required.

The Committee shall be constituted with a range of interests, with no single interest predominating. The five sectors of interest are defined as:

  1. conformity assessment (certification & inspection);
  2. operators;
  3. beneficiaries (consumers, environment, retail, trade, movement);
  4. developing world;
  5. and regulatory.

Additionally, prospective members must have extensive experience in accreditation, certification, and/or inspection, in the organic textiles, and/or cosmetics industries. Those who are qualified as an assessor or inspectors, or decision-makers in their respective field are suitable candidates. Individuals who work at the operator level – ie in the industry – and academic professionals in these areas of expertise may have appropriate qualifications.  Persons who work in standards development, scheme owners, or related bodies are also invited to apply.

Evidence of qualification must be provided, and members are subject to allocation of competencies based on their expertise. Some training may be provided by IOAS to increase competence in specific areas.


Nominations shall be accompanied by the following:

Applicants must indicate which of these interest sectors named above they are affiliated with (a primary and secondary sector are permitted if appropriate).

Please submit to with the subject line ‘2108 AC Member nominations, Attn: David Crucefix

Closing date

Applications are accepted until further notice.