Annual Conference

Our annual conference brings together leaders, experts, and changemakers from across our global community

As we drive forward our vision of a global materials production model that gives back more than it takes from nature, the Textile Exchange conference is a vital opportunity to build connections throughout the entire supply network and facilitate alignment around best practices for a resilient future. 

Conference 2024

Join us in California this year

We look forward to welcoming brands, supply chain partners, material innovators, farmers, non-profits, academics, and more to the floor for collective, connected action at the 2024 conference – both in person and via our virtual offering.  

This year, our conference will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California from October 28-31, with more information to follow soon. 


Industry discussions, networking opportunities, and field trips

Bringing materials production into the climate conversation, our conference sessions are designed to unpick the defining issues faced by the global community. From CEOs and NGOs to farmers and activists, we are committed to elevating a diverse range of voices through each year’s carefully curated agenda.  

 Following the conference, attendees can also take part in optional field trips – a unique opportunity to get to the source of material production, meet with farmers and producers, and discover how raw materials impact communities and ecosystems on the ground.


Last year, we welcomed 1,900+ attendees from across the globe 

In October 2023, we hosted our largest conference to date, with 1,422 attendees coming together in London, plus an additional 525 also taking part online. We were joined by attendees from a total of 57 countries, including representatives of 730 companies. Hosted by climate and environment journalist Whitney Bauck, discussions focused on shifting from hypothetical ideas to viable solutions, with topics ranging from nature restoration and rightsholder engagement to circularity and slow growth.  

Last year’s conference also saw the launch of the Materials Impact Explorer (MIE), a first-of-its-kind risk assessment tool to help brands understand the regional-specific risks and impacts associated with their fiber sourcing.   

A dedicated exhibition showcased the winning entries of our 2022 photography competition in partnership with Magnum Photos, and we also released the first edition of Unwoven, a magazine exploring materials production around the world.  


Fostering industry-wide collaboration for over two decades

Starting out in Texas in 2002, our annual conference has grown and evolved over the years. Our aim has always been to bring stakeholders from every corner of the industry together in one room, helping to shape a better system from the inside. Building community is central to our mission, and the conference provides a space to tackle complex global challenges together, carving out a clear course of action to reach our collective goals.