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Rebuilding from the Rubble in Kahramanmaraş and the Surrounding Region, Turkey

Textile Exchange stands in wholehearted solidarity with those affected by the two devastating earthquakes that took place in Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023.

The impacts of such an event are endured long after the headlines go quiet. To gain insight into the evolving challenges faced as they rebuild and recuperate, we spoke with Kipaş Textiles, a textile manufacturing company, and TGSD (Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association), an NGO that supports the sector.

Content warning: this article contains upsetting themes.


Sabiha Çimen

Magnum Photographer Sabiha Çimen visited the Kipaş Textiles production facilities in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, to capture a series of film images that show the after effects and extent of the damage sustained.

Thank you to Kipaş Textiles and TGSD for sharing their stories with us from the ground.

As an industry, it’s vital that we continue to show support to the textile industry in the affected areas throughout their entire journey to recovery.