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World Circular Textiles Day

October 8, 2022

What is it?

World Circular Textiles Day, which takes place every year on 8th October, has been launched to celebrate the efforts of a growing community of companies, organizations and individuals actively working towards a circular textiles future.

It is a living, breathing time capsule to record the progress and chart the momentum of circularity in textiles. An ever-evolving roadmap towards full circularity by 2050, created to:


  • Raise awareness around achieving a circular textiles world by 2050, across industry and with the wider general public.
  • Cultivate an online umbrella to capture the growing community of companies, organizations, academia, government agencies, cities and individuals actively working towards this future and to amplify these efforts.
  • Build a framework for a collaborative roadmap to be developed and revised over the next 30 years, until the vision is achieved.
October 8, 2022
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