How does Membership work for Holding Companies?

The way that membership works with holding companies is that the parent company joins Textile Exchange at the Partner Level and their individual brands join us at the Supporter Level. The main differences between Supporter Level Membership and Partner Level Membership can be found below or in our list of full member benefits found at this link,

The difference between Supporter Level members who are part of a holding company and Textile Exchange Member is that they are also recognized at the Partner level. (therefore, receive the benefits listed below.)

Both levels come with full access to Textile Exchange publications, webinar and libraries including our Material Summaries (valued at over $8,000.) In April of 2019, we launched The Hub, a community web portal and modern-day online tool that enhances engagement with fellow Textile Exchange members and TEam. It includes searchable directories and clear, simple access to our fiber specific libraries, publications and webinar recordings as well as community forums that work much like LinkedIn.

Supporter Level: $3,000 per year

1 complimentary ticket to our conference (value $2,000)

Supply Network Partner: $12,500 per year

3 complimentary tickets to our conference (value $6,000)
Partner level members also get personalized attention from our TEam as well as opportunity for exposure on our Member Spotlight.

The link to our online membership application can be found here. It takes less than 5-minutes to complete and will prompt the Membership TEam to take next steps.