How is Textile Exchange working to fill data gaps across the industry?

The industry is currently lacking GHG emissions factors for a number of key fiber and raw materials. Textile Exchange is working on filling these gaps via several workstreams:

1. Leading baseline LCA studies for cashmere, cotton, polyester, nylon, and leather, along with several additional studies on materials certified to Textile Exchange standards (see below) and potential expansion to other fiber and material categories in the future. At a minimum, we are aiming for results at a country level for each study. Results will be made publicly available.

2. Developing a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Library to house the underlying input/output data from LCA studies for open-source access, enabling the industry to fill additional gaps more efficiently in representative GHG emission factors.

3. Hosting an Impact Measurement community space on the Textile Exchange Hub, our dedicated online member platform.