How will Trackit work with other traceability solutions?

Trackit is an accountability mechanism and traceability tool for Textile Exchange’s standards. While dTrackit currently uses Textile Exchange’s own system, and eTrackit uses TextileGenesis’ system, we want to collaborate with stakeholders that are working with other traceability solutions.

Ensuring the interoperability of different traceability tools and programs is a core part of our organizational goal to facilitate collective, connected action toward the adoption of responsible material production practices.

Following the public release of Trackit, we are excited for our data and systems to evolve and strengthen to the point where we can facilitate this type of collaboration. This will take some time, which is why we are currently asking stakeholders interested in working together – from solution providers to sustainability systems and supply chain operators – to register their interest at

We will make sure to get in touch when we are ready and are looking forward to working together to build an ecosystem that enables and scales traceability in our sector.